2015 (PCEE)

Paper No Title Presenting Author Co-Authors
24 Dynamic characterization of the DUOC-UC footbridge Claudio Oyarzo-Vera J.T. Padilla, L.M Zamora & J.J. Olivera
25 Effects of ground motion spatial variation and SSI on the response of multiple-frame bridges with unseating restrainers Bipin Shrestha Hong Hao & Kaiming Bi
26 Experimental analysis of the pounding between skewed bridge and abutments Chern Kun Nawawi Chouw
28 Influence of buckling parameter on load bearing deterioration of steel bridge piers during long duration time motions Takeshi Kitahara Yusuke KISHI, Yuka OHTANI & Takashi YAMAGUCHI
37 Evaluation of Seismic Behaviour of the Insulated Pile Foundation Based on Site Model Experiment Toru Sekiguchi Shoichi Nakai, Minoru Yamamoto, Kiyoshi Fukutake & Yoichi Taji
38 Seismic response analyses of the pile foundation of the abutment on the soft soil layer Yukihide Kajita Kyosuke Kakinaga, Kunihiko Uno & Takeshi Kitahara
52 Behaviour of seismically isolated liquid storage tanks equipped with nonlinear viscous dampers in seismic environment Cevza Melek Kazezyilmaz Alhan H. Gazi & C. Alhan
53 Mechanical performance test of 3-dimensional isolation bearing for horizontal and vertical base-isolated buildings Yamin Zhao Jingyu Su, Ming Lu & Yan Yu
103 Clustered seismicity in the Southwest Australia Seismic Zone, 2014-2015 Vic Dent
104 Recent results from the Adelaide Seismograph Network David Love David Love & Alison Wallace
105 Regional seismic zonation in the Ottawa and St. Lawrence Valleys, Canada Miroslav Nastev M. Parent, M. Ross, D. Howlett & N. Benoit
106 The geological context of six earthquake groups in Central Western NSW Vic Dent Curtin University, Perth, WA
110 An Experimental Investigation of Infill Behaviour in RC Frames Ahmet YAKUT Ismail Ozan Demirel, Baris Binici & Erdem Canbay
117 Improving the efficiency of ground motion intensity measures Eden Bojórquez E.S. Meza, A. Reyes-Salazar, S.E. Ruiz
118 Lateral load on site testing of a two story masonry building up to near collapse Baris Binici Erdem Canbay, Ahmet Yakut & Alper Aldemir
126 Earthquake Loss Estimation in Seoul Metropolitan Regions in Korea under Moderate Earthquake Scenarios Han Seon Lee Gi Hyun Jeong
127 Haiti – Five Years after the 2010 Earthquake Russell A Green Catherine Higbie & Christina Beauboeuf
128 M9 returns – towards a probabilistic pan-Pacific Tsunami Risk Model Andreas Schaefer J.E. Daniell & F. Wenzel
129 Number of evaluation points to improve accuracy of seismic damage evaluation using point estimate method Kahori Iiyama Hitoshi Morikawa, Soichi Hirose, Kohei Fujita & Tsuyoshi Ichimura
130 The value of life in earthquakes and other natural disasters: historical costs and the benefits of investing in life safety James Edward Daniell A.M. Schaefer, F. Wenzel & T. Kunz-Plapp
131 Use of knowledge to reduce vulnerability to seismic hazards Miroslav Nastev M-J Nollet, A. Abo-El-Ezz, A. Smirnoff, S. K. Ploeger, H. McGrath, M. Sawada, E. Stefanakis & M. Parent
138 Earthquake Location Study David Love David Love & Alison Wallace
149 Analytical modelling of strain penetration deformation in reinforced concrete members Nelson TK Lam A.S. Albidah, A. Altheeb & J.L. Wilson
150 Analytical Prediction of Cyclic Performance of RC Frame Structures Romanbabu M. Oinam Dipti Ranjan Sahoo
168 A note on ground motion recorded during Mw 6.1 Mae Lao (Northern Thailand) earthquake on 5 May 2014 Teraphan Ornthammarath
169 Comparisons between Vs30 and Spectral Response for 30 sites in Newcastle, Australia from collocated Seismic Cone Penetrometer, Active- and Passive-Source VS Data Theodora Volti David Burbidge, Clive Collins, Michael Asten, Jack Odum, William Stephenson, Chris Harris Pascal, Josef Holzschuh
170 Consistent MMI area estimation for Australian earthquakes Mark Leonard
171 HVSR recording duration for regolith sites: an experimental approach Bambang Setiawan Mark Jaksa, Michael Griffith & David Love
172 Modelling a great earthquake for the SW Pacific Kevin McCue Cvetan Sinadinovski
175 Site seismic response analysis based on vertical borehole records of Chiba Haiping Ding J. Liao, Q.J. Ren & Y.Y. Yu
182 Modelling non-linear behavior of lightly reinforced concrete walls Nelson TK Lam J. Wilson, A. Albidah & A. Altheeb
183 Overstrength and ductility of limited ductile RC walls: from the design engineers perspective Scott J Menegon Hing Ho Tsang, John L Wilson & Nelson TK Lam
185 The effect of displacement paths on biaxial pseudodynamic test of a rocking column Ronald Gultom Quincy T. Ma
192 Effects of multi-directional excitations on the response of a secondary structure with two attachments Ellys Lim Roja Malligarjunan & Nawawi Chouw
194 Response Estimation Method of Buildings due to Waterborne Debris Impact Loads Tatsuya Asai Kazuto Matsukawa, Ho Choi & Yoshiaki Nakano
139 Observations on the 2015 February ML 5.0 and July ML 5.4 Central Queensland Earthquake Sequences Michael Turnbull
50 A comparison of low-amplitude ambient and earthquake responses of a 64-story building in San Francisco, CA. Mehmet Celebi
102 A hybrid probabilistic seismic hazard analysis of a low and moderate seismic region: Sri Lanka – a case study Srikanth Venkatesan Janaka Prasanna, Nelson Lam & Elisa Lumantarna
193 Experimental study on concrete walls for housing rehabilitated externally with CFRP Julian Carrillo Fabian Echeverri
199 Behavior of traditional timber frames under reverse-cyclic loading Ugurhan Akyuz Y.D. Aktaş Erdem, A. Türer, B. Erdil & N.Ş. Güçhan
29 Seismic response analysis of a coupled (train) vehicle – (curved railway) bridge system under frequent earthquakes Elias G. Dimitrakopoulos Qing Zeng
160 Experimental Investigations on Behaviour of Steel Structure Buildings Hamid Reza Tabatabaiefar B. Mansoury & M.J. Khadivi Zand
111 Seismc Assessment of Masonry Infilled Reinforced Concrete Frame Buildings in Bhutan Kinzang Thinley Hong Hao
159 Effect of Inclined Boundary and Embedded Foundation on Wave Propagation Hiroto Nakagawa T. Kashima, S. Koyama, T. Hayashida, T. Yokoi & S. Nakai
27 Experimental study of the effects of corrosion on seismic performance of un-bonded post-tensioned rocking bridge piers with replaceable external dissipaters Kaveh Andisheh Allan Scott & Alessandro Palermo
47 Seismic performance analysis of self-centering steel frames with intermediate columns containing friction dampers Zhang Yanxia Chen Yuanyuan, Zhao Wenzhan & Wang Zongyang
163 The influence of environmental conditions on instrumented building recordings Haozhi Tan Q.T. Ma, S. Beskhyroun, L.M. Wotherspoon & G. Simkin
161 Relative Risk of Non-code-compliant Buildings Mostafa Nayyerloo W.J. Cousins & S.R. Uma
184 Seismic damage model based on fractal dimension of cracking Julian Carrillo
173 Non-linear Analysis Method of Ground Using Equivalent Single-degree-of-freedom Model Kimitoshi Sakai Yoshitaka Murono