Keynote Speakers

Katrin Beyer Seismic behaviour of historical stone masonry structures – how well can we predict it?
Wendy BohonGeohazards Communication: how, why, and when to talk about earthquakes
Hélène DutrisacAdvancements in code seismic provisions in Canada
Jane MacMasterEngineering for Australia Taskforce – encouraging girls and women into engineering (and other STEM) professions

Oral/Poster Presenters

Thursday 24 November 2022

Session 1Chair – Trevor Allen
Ryan HoultBlind prediction results of two RC U-shaped walls subjected to flexure and torsion
Sheng Li Engineering Modular Constructed Building Towers for Improving Earthquake Safety
Poster Session
Sharmin ShamsalsadatiTowards the Improvement of the Earthquake Locations in the Australian Earthquake Catalogue 
Vic DentA review of seismicity in the southwest region of Western Australia, July 2021–June 2022, with special reference to event clustering
Session 2Chair – Scott Menegon
Marta Giaretton (Invited)Making URM buildings safer in provincial towns – Cost-effective earthquake solutions 
Mark EdwardsTailored Earthquake Risk Mitigation Information for Decision Makers 
Martin WehnerMelbourne CBD Case Study: URM Retrofit Effectiveness in Avoiding Mass Casualties
Jeff BaylessUpdating the Somerville et al. (2009) Ground Motion Model for Cratonic Australia Using Broadband Ground-Motion Simulations of Recently Recorded Cratonic Region Earthquakes
Hadi GhasemiSelection of Ground-Motion Models for National Seismic Hazard Assessment of Australia
Elena-Florinela ManeaGMCM sensitivity analysis for the 2022 New Zealand National Seismic Hazard 
Session 3Chair – Dee Ninis 
Adam PascaleThe Woods Point Earthquake: An Opportunity to Educate
Yuxiang (Gideon) TangStochastic Finite-fault Ground Motion Simulation of the 2021 MW 5.9 Woods Point Earthquake: Methodology and Preliminary Results
Jane SextonThe Queensland State Earthquake Risk Assessment: preparing for the next Great Quake
Poster Session
David LoveThe Murrayville Earthquake ML5.0 8th October 2021
Ruth MurdieWA-ARRAY takes off
Session 4Chair – Adam Pascale
Arash Nazari RadState-of-the-Art review on verification tests for seismic bracing products of non-structural components
Jordan BartlettVulnerabilities of fire-rated, non-load bearing wall systems to remain serviceable for life, meet performance requirements, and the compounding complications for earthquake resilience
Prashidha KhatiwadaSimplified Method of Modelling Shear Deformation in Reinforced Concrete Walls
Ruth MurdieObservations from the 2022 Arthur River, Western Australia, Earthquake Swarm
Charlotte TomaUnderstanding the Bias and Culture for Women in Engineering

Friday 25 November 2022

Session 5Chair – Trevor Allen
Huan LiA novel tuned negative stiffness inerter damper for structural vibration control under earthquakes
Wen ZhouConceptual Design of Novel Locally Resonant Meta-Basement for Seismic Protection of High-rise Buildings
Poster Session
Dee NinisPaleoseismic study of a fault in Kalimantan, Indonesia – Challenges in a remote and humid environment
Nova RoosmawatiSimulation of scenario seismic ground motion using GMPEs: the 5 August 2018 Lombok earthquake, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia
Session 6Chair – Elodie Borleis
Elena-Florinela Manea Evaluation of site parameters to inform seismic site characterization in New Zealand
Reza EbrahimiSite Characterization for ANSN Stations Using the Ellipticity Curve Inversion of Microtremor Data
Tang Tuan Ngo Experimental and Numerical Study of a New Type of Hybrid Joints with GFRP Bolts and Reinforcements under Cyclic Loading
Xiangzhe WengA survey focusing on precast reinforced concrete walls in Australia with some preliminary analyses
 Ryan HoultFibre-optic sensors in reinforced concrete walls: a comparison of core to surface strain measurements
Poster Session 
Ambica SharmaRupture Behaviour and Paleoseismicity of Intraplate Faults in Eyre Peninsula, South Australia
James La GrecaEarthquake environmental effects and Bayesian analysis of ground motion models using chimney fragility curves, 2021 Mw 5.9 Woods Point earthquake, Victoria, Australia
Session 7Chair – Adam Pascale
Michelle Salmon (Invited)10 Years of Australian Seismometers in Schools – Education, Outreach and Research
Vic DentA review of the seismicity near Arthur River, Southwest Western Australia, January – July 2022
Dan ClarkLarge earthquake recurrence on the Willunga Fault, South Australia
Brendan DuffyThe challenge of characterising earthquakes in a dormant volcanic field, Queensland, Australia
Jonathan LiangSeismic Hazard Assessment for Hamilton Area Based on the Updated NSHM
Session 8Chair – Wayne Peck
David LoveThe Mount Barker ML3.7 Earthquake, 5th March 2022 
Stacey MartinReviewing the 1 March 1954 Adelaide Earthquake, South Australia
Hyuek RyuEarthquake Risk and Mitigation Assessment in Tasmania: State-wide Assessment of Risk, Resilience and Mitigation