Past Related Conferences

Year City Title / Theme Organisation
Oct 1969 Melbourne Earthquake Engineering Symposium IEAust/AIP
May 1982 Canberra 1st Workshop on Australian Magnitude Scales BMR
Nov 1984 Brisbane 1st Earthquake Workshop UQ
Sep 1985 Canberra Rheology & Australian Earthquakes BMR / SGSG / ANU
Dec 1986 Sydney Earthquake Engineering Symposium IEAust
Dec 1986 Sydney 2nd Workshop on Australian Magnitude Scales Macquarie Uni
Nov 1987 Brisbane 2nd Earthquake Workshop UQ 
Feb 1989 Canberra Seismicity and Earthquake Studies in the Australian Plate and its Margins SGSG/BMR
Nov 1989 Brisbane 3rd Earthquake Workshop UQ
Feb 1990 Newcastle Conference on the Newcastle Earthquake IEAust
Mar 1990 Brisbane An earthquake in Brisbane-what effect? – the Newcastle experience ACEA
Sep 1990 Perth Recent Intraplate Earthquake Studies SGSG ?
Nov 1990 Brisbane 4th Earthquake Workshop 2-1-2, Newcastle/Insurance/Disaster Planning UQ
Jul 1991 Brisbane The engineering implications of the Newcastle earthquake IEAust
Oct 1991 Newcastle Conference, What have we learned from the Newcastle earthquake NCC/CERA
Aug 1999 Canberra Earthquake hazard workshop AGSO
Aug 2004 Brisbane Earthquake design CIA/IStructE