About AEES

AEES is a Technical Society of Engineers Australia. It was established after the 1989 Newcastle earthquake to promote the practice of earthquake engineering and engineering seismology.

AEES was formally established in December 1990 and affiliated with IEAust as a professional society and with IAEE. The inaugural executive was Charles Bubb President, Kevin McCue Secretary and David Rossiter Treasurer. Prior to 1990, Professor Stan Shaw and then Charles Bubb were Australia’s delegates at IAEE conferences.

The AEES has an executive of volunteers who run the Society on a day to day basis and co-ordinate its activities. They are elected each year at the Society AGM. The most recent AGM was held in Newcastle in November 2019. The following positions were filled unopposed:

President: Trevor Allen
Secretary: Lisa Moon
Treasurer: Adam Pascale

Committee members
Vice President: Scott Menegon
Secretariat: Sharon Anderson
IAEE Representative: Hong Hao
Webmaster: Adam Pascale

State Representatives are elected at the AGM. The current committee is:
ACT: Kevin McCue
NSW: Colin Gurley
QLD: Russell Cuthbertson
SA: David Love
TAS: Angus Swindon
VIC: Gary Gibson
WA: Hong Hao

Past Presidents:
1990-1995 Charles Bubb, Canberra
1995-1998 Graham Hutchinson, Melbourne
1998-2001 Bill Boyce, Brisbane
2001-2004 Professor Mike Griffith, Adelaide
2004-2008 Professor John Wilson, Melbourne
2008-2010 Kevin McCue, Canberra
2010-2013 Professor Hong Hao, Perth
2013-2016 Paul Somerville, Sydney
2016-2019 Peter McBean, Adelaide
2020-now Trevor Allen, Canberra

Life Members:
2007 Kevin McCue
2010 John Wilson
2010 Mike Griffith
2016 Paul Somerville
2018 Bill Boyce