2023 Papers

Alex McFadyenChallenging Current Design Standards – Seismic Design in Australia
Andreas GustafsonNon linear pushover analysis of ordinary moment resisting frame structures in Australia
Shuoguo QuiThe effects of the vertical distribution of medical services on hospital seismic resilience
Angelo ThurairajahSeismic lateral stability design to AS Codes
Andrew CoumarosConnection and Bracing Systems tested to allow for seismic design parameters in Australia
Jonathan GriffinThe 2023 National Seismic Hazard Assessment of Australia: Rationale for changes in hazard
Robin Baru (poster)Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Selected High-Rise Building in Lae City, Papua New Guinea  
Grace Wantepe (poster)Structural Monitoring of Bumbu and Butibam Bridges of Lae City, Papua New Guinea 
Mark EdwardsInterim Amendment to PNGS 1001-1982: Translating an Improved Assessment of Seismic Hazard to Design Practice
Laramel Aisi / Joseph O. EspiThe Missing Link to Effective Seismic Communication and Resilience in Papua New Guinea
Mirzi BetasoloStructural Assessment on Buildings Vulnerability to Seismic Hazards in the Lae City, the Industrial Hub of Papua New Guinea
Phil CumminsA GNSS Survey of the Ramu-Markham Fault, Papua New Guinea 
Dan ClarkTectonic geomorphology and Holocene uplift rates of the Lae Urban Area, PNG
Arash Nazari RadImproving Construction Compliance: The Role of BIM Modelling for Seismic Supports on Non-Structural Components
Georgi ClarkeSeismic Restraint of Non-Structural Elements – A New Zealand Consultant’s Perspective
Jordan BartlettImportance Level 4 Special Study: Industry Vulnerabilities Snapshot 2023
Elisa LumantarnaSimplified Method of Modelling Tension Stiffening in Reinforced Concrete Walls