Keynote Speakers

AuthorPaper Title
Ken Elwood Hollow-core floors in earthquakes – assessment and retrofit
Mark QuigleyEnvironmental effects and the geomechanics of Australian earthquakes

Oral/Poster Presenters

(in alphabetical order by presenting author’s surname)

AuthorsPaper Title
Allen, Trevor
Ghasemi, Hadi
Griffin, Jonathan
Exploring Australian Hazard Map Exceedance Using an Atlas of Historical ShakeMaps
Brenn, Gregory
Comoglu, Mustafa
Shamsalsadati, Sharmin
Sippi, Christian
Automated Relocation of the Petermann Ranges Aftershock Sequence
Cummins, Phil
Allen, Trevor
Çomoğlu Mustafa
Tobin, Joanna
Towards Improving ML Estimates for Local Earthquakes Made by Geoscience Australia’s Earthquake Monitoring System
Das, Aaroon Joshua
Ali, Majid
Energy absorption capabilities of recycled-plastic reinforcing bars for earthquake resistant housing construction
Dent, Vic
Collins, CDN
Murdie, R
Twenty years of earthquakes near Burakin in the Western Australian Wheatbelt: A timeline of events in the Burakin seismic cluster of 2001 – 2002 and subsequent seismicity in the region
Dent, VicClustered Seismicity in Southwestern Western Australia, July 2020 – June 2021
Ghasemi, Hadi
Allen, Trevor
Engineering Ground-Motion Database for Western and Central Australia
Glanville, Hugh
Bathgate, Jonathan
Burke, Patrick
Gard, Matthew
Jones, Bill
Lewis, Andrew
Wang, Liejun
Preservation of Historical Australian Seismograms, Magnetograms and Geomagnetic Absolute Observations

Gooch, Lewis
Masia, Mark
Stewart, Mark
Design of Experimental Program and Preliminary Finite Element Analyses of Unreinforced Masonry Shear Wall
Hao, Hong
Bi, Kaiming
Chen, Wensu
Pham, Thong
Xu, Cheng
Damping properties of metaconcrete structures under transverse excitation
Hoult, Ryan
Pacheco de Almeida, João
Residual displacements of flexure-governed RC walls detailed with conventional steel and shape memory alloy rebars
Hoult, Ryan
Allen, Trevor
Jones, Abraham
Pascale, Adam
The MW 5.9 Woods Point Earthquake: A Preliminary Investigation of the Ground Motion Observations
Jordan, Bill
Moore, AJ
Richards, AB
Particle Velocity, Frequency and Pulse Length: The Third Parameter Governing Reaction to Ground Vibration
Khatiwada, Prashidha
Hu, Yiwei

Lam, Nelson
Lumantarna, Elisa
Program on Generation of Site-Specific Response Spectra in Australia
Khattak, Nouman
Derakhshan, Hossein
Perera, Nimal Jayantha
Thambiratnam, David
Applied Element Modelling of the Out-of-Plane Bending Behaviour of Single Leaf Unreinforced Masonry Walls
Love, David
Hutchinson, P
Lade, B
Building Vibration Monitoring
Love, David
Love, Eric
A Review of the ML(SA) Greenhalgh Magnitude Scale
Love, David2021-09-21 Mansfield Earthquake Focal Mechanism and first arrivals
McBean, PeterAS1170.4 Special Study Requirements for Importance Level 4 Buildings and Facilities
Meena, Naveen Kumar
Nimbalkar, Sanjay
Soil Arching in Geosynthetic-Reinforced Pile-supported Railway Embankments under the Seismic Condition
Mote, Timothy
Ackerson, Meg
Barnes, Karen
Borrero, Jose
Franklin, Kathy
Jay, Caitlin
Johnstone, Luke
Rawal, Pranav
Rowe, Ed
So, Minly
Multi-Hazard Seismic Risk Assessment for Tongatapu, Tonga
Nazari Rad, Arash
Sharifi, Peter
Overview of seismic design for prefabricated frames in building services
Nie, Yu
Griffith, Michael
Sheikh, Abdul
Vaculik, Jaroslav
Visintin, Phillip
Interface based damage-plasticity model for predicting the compressive failure of masonry under monotonic and cyclic loads
Ninis, Dee
Borleis, Elodie
Peck, Wayne
Quigley, Mark
Wilcox, Jake
The Mw5.9 Woods Point earthquake and aftershock sequence
Sarrafi, BehrangWall and column design and detailing comparison according to new Australian Standard AS3600:2018
Shamsalsadati, Sharmin
Allen, Trevor
Çomoğlu Mustafa
Glanville, Hugh
Beetaloo Sub-basin Baseline Seismic Monitoring Project – Phase 1 Observations
Sinadinovski, Cvetan
McCue, K
Pekevski, L
Focal depth of the magnitude Mw5.9 Woods Point earthquake on 22 September 2021, from seismograms recorded on the other side of the Earth
Somerville, Paul
Coates, Lucinda
Koschatzky, Valentina
Modelled losses of the 2021 Mansfield earthquake and comparison with other Australian earthquakes
Vaculik, Jaroslav
Derakhshan, Hossein
Galvez, Francisco
Griffith, Michael
Ingham, Jason
Sorrentino, Luigi
Observed performance of unreinforced masonry in the September 2021 Victoria earthquake (and the curious case of Betty’s Burgers)
Vaculik, Jaroslav
Griffith, Michael
Guidelines for the Seismic Assessment and Retrofit of URM Structures
Weng, Xiangzhe
Hoult, Ryan
Lam, Nelson
Lumantarna, Elisa
Seismic Performance of Precast RC Walls in Australia: Literature Review
Xing, Bin
Lam, Nelson
Lumantarna, Elisa
Menegon, Scott
Torsional Rigidity of Asymmetrical Multi-storey Reinforced Concrete Buildings