Download PNG Earthquake Waveforms

Waveform data from the largest of the recorded PNG aftershocks is available below (save linked file):
Download 2018-04-07 0548 PNG 6.3 aftershock waveform file

The file format is compressed PC-SUDS and contains triaxial acceleration data from all six stations. Station location and other meta data are embedded in the channel information. The data can be exported to other formats (e.g. MiniSEED, CSV).

Files can be viewed by downloading “Waves” – available free for Windows, Mac and Linux from the Seismology Research Centre. Simply drag and drop the waveform file onto the Waves window to view it. The user manual for Waves is available here.

Note: the manually picked wave arrival times in the file are preliminary. Displayed magnitudes are estimates only, based on the standard local Richter magnitude formula and a simple P and S velocity to determine distance. The default settings for the magnitude estimation feature are not suitable for this region or this magnitude of earthquake – processing with other software packages is required for detailed analysis.