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  • Tue

    First Asia Pacific Workshop On Fibre-Optic Sensing

    Perth, WA

    Coupled with the proliferation of fibre-optic cables has become an increased level of interest in their use as sensors. With the employment of appropriate hardware, cables can be used for both temperature and vibration monitoring.

    The workshop will be divided into three sections

    1. A Masterclass on Fibre-optic sensing by Dr. Arthur Hartog. (Arthur’s research led to the first demonstration of a distributed optical fibre sensor in 1982. Since then he has continued to work on optical sensing and was responsible for the first Raman distributed temperature system. Arthur is the author of the acclaimed book “An introduction to distributed optical fibre sensors”.)
    2. Presentations from industry and academia detailing the application of fibre-optic sensing in fields such as oil & gas exploration and production monitoring, pipeline monitoring, security systems, and road and rail monitoring.
    3. Practical demonstrations conducted at Curtin University’s dedicated field laboratory.


    The workshop will be conducted at the Australian Resources Research Centre in Perth, Western Australia.


    Registration includes all meals and refreshments. Register online.